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Uploaded By: AirShowBuzz 09/02/2009

Filmmaker and P-51 Mustang Pilot Chris Woods has put together a wonderful film that captures the emotional reunion between a humble WWII Mustang ace (Jim Brooks) and the historic plane he thought he'd never see again.

Inspired by the flood of memories triggered by this unimaginable encounter with a long lost friend, the 88-year old pilot finally breaks his silence, sharing his stories and experiences of war with the grandchildren who never thought they'd hear them.

Wood's interviews with Brooks, his grandchildren, and other airmen who were touched by the Mustang's role in history are cut together to create a compelling narrative that is framed in stunning high-definition photography.

ASB.TV loves beautifully done aviation storytelling films. Fellow Mustang pilot and director Chris Woods has put together one of the very best!


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Duxford Panhandler 9/14/09 2:49PM

Great video

Eric Cullum 9/14/09 3:12PM

Excellent video. Long live the Mustang!

Flyprescott 2/03/10 7:05PM

I have had the fortunate experience of seeing this movie and getting to know the filmaker, Chris
Woods, as we share the same air space at the Prescott airport. A superb film by a superb
individual, great for both young and old. -Guy Roginson,

neilkfox 9/14/09 4:33PM

Well done on a great movie. It brings back so many memories of GML for me. Thanks for bringing all
these stories together and giving us all an insight on the lives of these great men.


FULLFLAPS 10/13/09 7:53PM


Jeff Payton 9/14/09 10:02PM


pleverington 9/15/09 8:23AM

I love airplanes to be sure. From my earliest days to now, they have filled so many of my dreams.
The P51 has always been at the top of those that flew in my imagination. But this video gave so much
more than that.

Chris--Art is the interface media by which the subconscious mind can speak to the conscious mind. By
creating successful art, an artist can share his deepest felt dreams with others and thereby gain a
life shared, which gives a life with meaning and value. You have done this quite well in this video
to say the least. Fantastic imagery, gripping story, heartfelt sense of humanity, all speak to what
it means to be alive, and to share the experience of flying, of family, of war. Most videos play up
the bravado and thrill seeking aspect of airplanes, and the machines themselves--perhaps a little
sprinkling of the people who fly them--but this video for me, speaks of the true meaning of flight,
and of war. And that is ourselves. We fight war against ourselves--it defines our own humanity. We
battle those things we do not want to be--and those things are in all of us. Flying a warbird is an
extension of this.

Anyone with a grandfather that served in the war will be touched by this video. Your efforts have
given a greater bond to the Woods family, and has changed them forever. I will remember many of the
images and feelings from the video forever. This is the power of great works of art.

I now feel that I know a bit about you, your dreams, your feelings of the mustang and the people who
flew them, and the war.

This is the kind of video I would love to see a lot more of on airshowbuzz.

Congratulations on a job extremely well done.

You are an artist.


Paul Leverington

pleverington 9/15/09 8:39AM

Whoops--Obviously I meant the Brooks family in that third paragraph in my above post. Got my names
mixed up. My apologies.


**Is there not a way to edit these commentaries here?

Cosmicwind 9/15/09 1:43PM

I was at the gathering in columbus. I was even on a flight to shoot stills of the 4ship seen in the
film, but never dreamed about to see a piece of american history Chris Woods has realised with this
beautiful film. I just can not stop watching it. Even though I `am a german. To me this film shows
exactly what it is all about!

Uwe Glaser

BobL 9/16/09 6:16PM

What a great film. Thanks.

kidf14 9/16/09 6:54PM

I have no words to explain how I feel watching this. I have yet the honor of meeting any WWII
fighter pilot but I have had the honor of meeting many veterans. God Bless all of them and those
that didn't make it back.

FULLFLAPS 10/13/09 7:58PM


Hawker Driver 9/16/09 11:51PM

Outstanding video....

Well done,


Hawker Driver 9/16/09 11:51PM

Outstanding Video.....

Well done,


Biminibill 9/17/09 7:23AM

I purchased my copy a few months ago and was reluctant to copy it since Mr. Woods had started the
Gray Eagles Foundation to preserve the history of Jim Brooks and others. People should support this
project by purchasing the film. Obviously a lot of money was invested to do this piece so I
encourage everyone to order the disc for their collections. It's the least we can do. Bill Parks

LooseGuy 9/17/09 1:55PM

Spellbinding video. What a fantastic salute and tribute. Eyes seem a bit misty at the

Counterman01 9/17/09 2:52PM

Wow. Most amazing 'video' I have ever seen on here. The story is truly remarkable.

lanemiker 9/18/09 4:58PM


Excellent video. Jim Brooks' story is fantastic and the filming was wonderful. Thank you very much
for sharing. I placed my order for the DVD.


papajohn 9/19/09 6:06PM

Super Video, Long live the P-51 and god speed to the great men who flew them

HotRodKush 9/22/09 12:11AM

Beautiful film, just amazing. I wish I could hear all of the stories from these amazing pilots.

Whisner 9/27/09 10:27PM

Fantastic, heart warming, emotional. God Bless our veterans!

calcaptret 10/01/09 3:48PM

Thank you

Brenden Burns 10/10/09 11:12AM

What a beautiful movie. Thats what its all about to me. The airplane and the men who made themselves
and the aircraft legends.

Michael Terfehr 10/10/09 10:11PM


mkohnke 10/12/09 3:29PM

A genuine and bittersweet piece of of pure Americana.

ASWhiteway 10/14/09 10:39AM

This video was a real tear jerker for me as my 88 year old father was a young pilot flying Lucky 13
off of the USS Lexington in Pearl Harbor and this reminds me of him and his stories. He also flew
the P-51 and loved it immensely. God Bless dying breed of aviators who gave of themselves so that we
may enjoy freedom. Long live the P-51!!!!!!

wxbug1 10/14/09 7:57PM

A beautiful film... hard to hold back the tears. A great way to honor those who came home and those
who gave the last full measure.
Thank you.

wxbug1 10/17/09 1:34AM

What a beautiful film... gotta hold back the tears. A real tribute to those who came home and those
who gave "the last full measure". Also a real tribute to the meaning of family. Thanks.

LPSAustin 10/22/09 5:36PM

Chris, Wow, what a great job! You really brought out the emotion of what this story really is. I
have had the pleasure of doing a brief interview with Jim Brooks in Reno a few years ago. I knew
there was a great story there, and I'm glad you were able to tell it. This is one of the best
pieces of work I've seen in a very long time.
Jeff Lee

flightman 10/28/09 12:33PM

The Grey Eagles film by Chris Woods made me cry i think this is a great piece of history told in the
most sweetest way i take my hat off to all involved what an absolute eye watering watch.Thank you...

Craig M. Scaling 10/29/09 5:57PM

Jesus........That is incredible! THANK YOU!

retired marine 87 11/01/09 6:32PM

I think this was a very poor quality film. It does tell a very good story. I wiuld have sent it on,
but not something this poorly put together. My father, RIP, was also a gray eagle and even he would
have not enjoyed havibg the film stop every few seconds.

keithmckinley 11/25/09 7:07PM

Simply Tremendous!

Thank you Jim Brooks and thank you Chris Woods!

Chesty Puller 11/25/09 9:08PM

Awsome video.....My friend is retired wwll airforce pilot Vicent Jordan
Mighty eigth...he's 90 and resides @ W-41 and still flys.

deparkins 12/01/09 11:33PM

Outstanding... the founder of our Coffee Shop had the call sign "Mustang53", used by Huey Gunship
Pilots in Viet Nam.

Thank you Chris for such a great tribute to the "Greatest Generation"!

David Parkins,
Richard's Coffee Shop

Pratt51 12/07/09 1:54PM

Incredible video. Very moving and a wonderful reminder of the "Great Generation" that saved this
country. They were all heros, like all our men and women who serve. God bless them all.
Joe Roy
Prattville, AL

Pratt51 12/07/09 1:56PM

Incredible video. Very moving and a wonderful reminder of the "Great Generation" that saved this
country. They were all heros, like all our men and women who serve. God bless them all.
Joe Roy
Prattville, AL

Rusty787 12/07/09 11:17PM

Thank you Jim Brooks and all who were responsible in creating this beautiful piece of "aviation
You have generously shared this fascinating experience with the rest of us.
I too look forward in re-uniting with an old mistress (the incredible Boeing 707) with which I had a
long love affair some 40 years ago.

Captain Ross "Rusty" Aimer (UAL Ret.)
Aviation Experts, LLC
San Clemente, CA

seniorsir33 12/08/09 10:13PM


james.hutton 12/09/09 12:23PM

Wow, this is so unbelievably powerful! It's a terrific reminder of a different error with full of
heroes and honor. Thank you so much!

JimStewart 12/10/09 4:49AM

I was sent this in a link by a friend in Australia , around the world in a split second and so worth
it for what that split second imparted.
A really outstanding film a fine memorial to those who returned and those who did not.
Thank you to a man who returned home , from the one who remembers an uncle (had he lived) who did

USAMU-1964 12/12/09 12:26AM

I bought this DVD earlier this year...
Jim Brooks, the Mustang Ace who lived down the street…
“They don’t make guys like this any more, they just don’t.” - Lee Lauderback,
To order a DVD:
Buy a copies for Christmas gifts, birthdays, a WW-II veteran you know, and more...
For every DVD purchased: the Gray Eagles Foundation will be donating an additional DVD to an
educational institution. An official 'Tax Donation Receipt' will be included in the DVD packaging
for your records.
Some good reading at this web site – some flying stories by Jim in his P-51 during WW-II: with a number of excellent links.
The Gathering of Eagles (P-51s) Thousands of spectators from across the globe descended on
Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio for the Gathering of Mustangs

USAMU-1964 12/12/09 12:28AM

More from USAMY-1964...
There were about 85 Mustangs there. I think it would have been about 100, but bad weather earlier
in the week kept a number of them away.  go here to sign up for their newsletter.
The Gathering Foundation, Inc.
For more information, visit -
To Order a DVD of the show:
Be sure to order a commemorative program. It is outstanding.
Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for us:
Jesus Christ,
and you, the American G.I.
One died for our soul, the other for our freedom.

You are in good company, my friends …
Our grateful Nation honors your selfless service, and
we acknowledge a debt beyond our power to repay.

God Bless You - God Bless America.
Thank you gentlemen. You saved the world.
David Kimes

mcclainb29 12/13/09 5:52PM

This is a super video and great tribute to great flyers/men and a great plane! My dad flew B29s in
the Pacific towards the end of the war, and was an instructor before that. He loved the P51s, and
talked about them often. They WERE the Greatest Generation!

9bearz 12/14/09 6:09AM

This represents the quality of the "fabric" of a wonderful life.

Bill Reid 12/15/09 4:08PM

Thank You for your service Jim Brooks. Truely awesome film Chris. A restoration project like that
would be something that I could really enjoy... truely blown away by the effort that goes into
something like that. Ordered the DVD after receiving a linked email from my Dad (retired USAF
instructor / C5 pilot)

CorsairBoss 12/16/09 2:53AM

Very Nice piece..!!! I have alot of F4U Corsair Film from the Corsair Gathering 2002 and we need to
put a piece together like this..
Fly Safe --- Fly Fast

Timo Savage 12/16/09 8:00PM

My father of 86 years calls himself a "frustrated fighter pilot" in that he was assigned to the B-17
rather than the Mustang; Then the B-29 over the Pacific, the C-54 in the Berlin Airlift and after
the war, the B-36, B-52, and finally the C-141 Starlifter in and out of Vietnam. Dad was an
aircraft commander at the young age of 20, flying the superfortress. Yes, this generation was
something else and we owe our greatest debt of gratitude for what they did to insure the liberties
we enjoy today. God bless them all!

ruggbutt 12/18/09 11:48PM

She's a beautiful aircraft. The young men that flew her are/were what made America great. I'm glad
that Jim was able to connect with the grandkids and share his experiences. They should never be
forgotten. They should be passed down the line so that future generations can't forget a time in
this nation's history when we had to give it all to battle a real threat. Men like Jim have always
been my heroes. Sports stars and musicians don't hold a candle to the accomplishments that men like
Jim have made.

CMHA380driver 12/18/09 11:49PM

I recently had the honor to fly on a B-17 out of a small field southwest of Columbus, Ohio. On
board was also a veteran of WWII who served on the plane when he was only 19 years old. He did not
say a single word. However, the look in his eyes and the tear that I saw forming in them, were
worth a over a million words..... Just looking at him and wondering about the thoughts, feelings and
emotions that where going thru his mind was so real...

When we landed we were joined by another Veteran who use to be the Tail gunner on that ship.... What
an amazing privilege and Honor to be in their company, and listen to the second Gentleman as he
shared stories about their adventures onboard, back in the day, over those gray European Skies when
they were 19.

A Salute to all the men and women in uniform and all the VFWs.

This video gave me goose bumps at the 20:00 minute mark when Brooks fires up the Engine for his

Thank you.

carchop 12/20/09 9:54AM

"There's more to gray hair than old bones, there's a whole lot more between those calloused ears
than remembering old songs, so when he tells you something, pass it on..." Toy Caldwell
If we don't know our History, we have no future. These are just a few of the example of what made
our country great, and the home of the free. Unfortunately, too many have forgotten, and have
confused the "land of the free", to mean "the land of the free stuff" .... thanks for reminding
those who've forgotten, and teaching those who have yet to know.

Jake39 12/21/09 11:38PM

What a wonderful film. My Father was a member of the AVG (Flying Tigars) before the war, then USAAF.
I work for FedEx and was at the gathering in 2007. I grew up in an air force family. Dad retired as
a colonel in 1972.His last duty station was Lockbourne AFB (Now Rickenbacker). Some other people
there where members of 332nd fighter group from my Father era.He was however was white man who
worked with the Tuckegee airman and we lived north of Columbus in Shawnee Hills, Ohio. The Tuskegee
families founded Lucy Depp PArk which is just north of there. All these men and my Father where
great to grew up around. I am glad Lt Brooks family was able to see him adnfly next to him in a
P-51. I flew with my father in many differant planes but never a P-51. The P-51 was his favorite
plane of all times. The said it was a much better plane than his first P-40 Warhawk. Thanks for the
wonderful film. It Blessed me to see it. Thanks DBPerry

Raymozingo 12/23/09 6:13PM

One of the if not the greatest plane built. A special thanks to these guys .. Mustangs Rule!!!!!

JohnMcGough 12/27/09 6:47AM

Just marvelous that you share this, Jim. What these young men sacrificed and experienced during the
war is so hard to grasp, however long one thinks about it - The grand kids must have awesome
spiritual intrigue. Very engaging cinematography, Chris.


FirstCousin 12/29/09 1:25PM

What a wonderfully done tribute! I wish we had known of the Reunion. On 11 January 2010 I will be at
Arlington for the funeral of my mother's cousin. WWII Ace, Hollis "Holly" Hills, flew fighters in
both the European and Pacific theatres. He and his brother Ken also flew Mustangs. Your film has
been a wonderful story-filler for our family. Holly was also a "farm boy" and learned to fly in the
mid-twenties when he was very young. It was a Commandaire bi-plane with a "Millerized" OX-5 engine.
An ex WWI pilot was a neighbor who sold the planes, and who did the "Millerizing" valve work to
boost the engine's horsepower. A heavy drinker, he let twelve year old Holly "fly it more than he
should." Holly and his brother both joined the RAF to get into the war effort before the U.S. got
directly involved. They transferred into the U.S. forces in 1942. Both survived the war, but now
both are gone. Thank you for a great film.

Glenn52 12/29/09 7:31PM

Excellent video. The P-51 Mustang probably was and will be the best fighter that was ever made. And
the men who flew them were the best generation. My highest regards go out to them to have given me
the freedoms I enjoy and my hat is off to those who made this awesome video. Thanks!

leslie1239 12/31/09 10:08AM

The video had a good story but the extreme close up shots detracted from the story and unless my
video was different from what everyone else is seeing the photographer needs to change his style.
Makes you want to stop watching it.

DustyBottoms 12/31/09 11:51PM

Awesome video! Awesome WWII Ace and hero, Lt. Jim Brooks!
Fantastic Airplane! I enjoyed viewing this video immensely.
Thank you,
Rene Borromeo
Phoenix, AZ

STAN2002 1/01/10 6:19PM

great film, 25 year USAF Vetearn, Walked the beachs of Normandy, got choked up thinking about the
soldier that had to cross that beach. I'm glad the grandchildren had the chance to fly , feel, and
understand their grandfather past. Yes the P-51 was the great plane

jsm555 1/04/10 10:56AM

I loved Mr. Brooks' last words: "So, there you go." Great video!

afalba 1/04/10 11:27AM

I loved the video and the Mustang. I attend monthly events at Chino Airport in California that
showcase different aircraft. Along with the aircraft, they have WWII vets speak about their
experiences flying during the war. Listening to them speak is such an honor, knowing they are
disappearing at a fast rate. All of America must honor this greatest generation and thank them for
what they did. Great job Chris.

Kitlevey 1/04/10 6:39PM

Profoundly effective film that may well pull back memories from the others that have shared a
love/hate relationship with our machines in war. A salute to Lt Jim Brooks and a sincere thank you
to Chris Woods for bringing this about with class and dignity.

uncledave 1/05/10 8:52AM

Thank you for a great reminder of how important our "Greatest Generation" was and still is. I look
at my Father (WWII Pacific Radioman) and think of the hardships all the men and women of his
generation had to endure, at home and deployed. I often wonder is this current generation could deal
with half of what the early 1940's dished out.

the330thbg 1/05/10 9:59AM

F-in AWESOME!!!!!

the330thbg 1/05/10 9:59AM

F-n Awesome

Best regards,

Pixie 1/05/10 11:48PM

I just watched this video, and I was left in awe. Not only did I recognize a few people from the GML
event, but I also saw my flight instructor.

Right about 9:39, Mr. Bunn is seen sitting in the Mustang being interviewed. Yet another one of our
P-51 pilots to have passed away, and I miss him so much. We were friends and penpals after meeting
in Ohio at GML.

Lee Lauderback was my flight instructor when I got to fly the Mustang at Stallion 51, and he is the
best of the best. I hope to be able to do it again some day. You should definitely check it out:

My favorite movie/documentary is called The Blue-Nosed Bastards of Bodney. This is one I bought
while at Stallion 51. I highly recommend that everybody watch it. I went to GML intentionally to
meet the gentlemen who made up the 352nd Fighter Group: a.k.a. The
Blue-Nosed Bastards of Bodney. I got to shake their hands, tell them "thank you" over and over, and
listen to their memories once again. I also was able to get several autographs and pictures. I will
never forget it.

Paul, I saw your post. Shame on you for the typo. (kidding). Everybody, Paul is an incredible
photographer with great respect for the Mustang and the people who flew them. Don't let his typing
"abilities" fool you. hehe.

Happy flying to all and Mustangs forever!

Crystal ("Pixie")

larrymarotta 1/07/10 12:30PM

Wow, I was blown away by the program. It is so beautifully done and just draws you in to both the
personal story of this brave pilot and to the pride in service shared by all those that serve in our
military. Well done and a must see!

rsmith9872 1/08/10 12:25PM

Woe, what a pwerful video and story. My father flew a B24 in WWII and I have been fortunate to
record some of his experiences and will be able to play them for my grandchildren, 6 and 2, when
they get older. We owe so much to this generation. The sacfrfices they made to make this country the
greatest ever. God bless them as we are losing them at the rate of 1500 a day across this country.
If you know a WWII veteran, take time to talk with him or her and thank them. We owe them more than
we can ever repay.

RP Coyle 1/08/10 5:07PM

I just watched the video and I have tears in my eyes. My dad was a B 17 Pilot. He enlisted at 17
and by 19 he was a pilot. Hes gone now, but 3 years ago I flew in the B 17 Nine-0-Nine. I got to
experience a little of what it was like. 2 years ago I flew in Wee Willie II, a P 51, at Chino
airport. These guys saved the world. We owe them everything. Pat Coyle Cucamonga Ca

FlyingBoxcar 1/09/10 4:45PM

What an extraordinary tribute to passing heroes and to an American engineering marvel! The Brooks
grandchildren are much richer, indeed! Chris Woods is an amazing storyteller and film maker and has
done justice to a passing generation. Well Done!

Lightjug 1/10/10 1:07AM

Wow... what a great film. To the film maker, the family and the pilots... thank you for sharing.

saramc45 1/10/10 4:28PM

Thanks for this story and giving us all an insight on the lives of these great men whom have almost
been forgotten, but NOT by US TRUE AMERICANS whom dearly LOVE all our Military. To me - personaly -
Thanks to them - "WE THE PEOPLE" are FREE!!!
And you can "BET YOUR COWBOY BOOT'S" I'll be passing this onto 1000 more REAL AMERICANS!!! They

shelby 1/11/10 10:14PM

My Grandfather's brother, Jack Thorsen, a P-51 pilot in WWII. The whole time I was growing up my
Grandfather would accidentally call me Jack which I just thought was funny till I saw a picture of
Jack standing by his P-51 and saw I look exactly like him. I found this film so moving and well
done. Thank you for connecting us with this important part of our past. I am astounded at the
bravery of the people of that era.

judy willox 1/12/10 2:25AM

This video made me cry. It is such a beautiful story. I watched it the second time and the tears
were flowing down my face. I was born during this war and my Dad was a Hanford worker here in
Richland, doing his part for the war. Thanks for this profound movie and the memories you brought to
me of this time. God bless Jim Brooks for the service he gave our country and God bless you for
putting this video together.
Judy Willox
Richland, Washington
January 12, 2010

GaryGunn68 1/12/10 2:55AM

Wood's is an very good film maker, but an excellent storyteller. How well his film resonates with
the pure bravery and strength of character these men hold. These, of the greatest generation to
ever live are a powerful and proud moment for any American to be reminded of. We won WWII because
these men and women never stopped to ask whether they could, their lives speak the only question,
how. The how, in part, is the power and pride of the P-51.

The story told in the film was quietly friendly in how Mr. Wood's draws the viewer into his tale.
You can feel the tales of a pilots love affair with his plane, that unspoken intimacy that held your
heart and mind. A man and his P-51 is a power saga for younger men to watch and hope there is such
a relationship in our futures.

As the son of the battle for the Pacific. My Dad was a WWII Navy enlisted man who had 2 ships shot
out from under him; I am the proud nephew of my Dad's USMC brother, who I never met because he was
killed in mid-Feburary, 1943 by a sniper, after the fall of Guadalcanal. Also, another Navy uncle
who fought in the battle for Midway in '42, and who was wounded during the U.S. naval disaster off
Savo Island, north of Guadalcanal. For me to pull stories out of my Dad and uncle was hard, not
unlike Mr. Brook's grandchildren. They are fortunate to have lived this experience, I only wish my
family had lived as long as Brooks.

The work of Chris Wood in this film was technologically perfect, it was artful, and the shots
delivered more meaning than one can draw from just words. The sound and the special sunsets and
aerial shots kept pull me in, and the respect in the script for the blomber, the surprise of Mr.
Brook's grandkids at their grandfather's celebrity was fun to see and hear. His first hand
relationship with Brook's made the people very real. I wished only that some of those rebuilding
times might have gotten in, but the finished product was grand.

The P-51 is a dramatic weapon that remains beautiful and as powerful as it was during WWII, and
especially in the film in the flies by shots. WOW, to be up in one would be great, but as pointed
out in the film, over Europe, there was little time for fun. Yet when these fighter pilots were
talking about going up against the enemy and the confidence they had in the P-51; oh what it must
have felt like having a P-51 strapped on, and watching the wide-eyed German pilot look around and
realize they were just in a fighter than was simply, less.

Thank you for the film and the story. Like Brook's, I am sad to, sad that these finest of their
generation will pass into clouds of history; may we never lose sight of what they did for us. We
are free. We live in liberty. We take so much for granted, that we will never repay them for the
commitment and willingness to do something so great and at the same time, so horrible but also, so

Thank Mr. Brooks for all you did for all of us...for me, my 3 children, and my 4 grandchildren. God
bless you all.

drlaney22 1/12/10 9:46AM

I have a namesake uncle who flew the P-51 in Europe and Korea. I've forwarded this link to his
daughter so she can share it with him and her kids if they haven't already seen it. Fortunately,
Uncle Harold is still with us.

My dad was an Air Corp Crew Chief during WWII. I always thought the reason the two of them always
got along well was just because they were old WWII Air Corp veterans. Now after watching this video,
I know that it was something much more than that. As Jim Brooks said, his Crew Chief would help him
into the plane and the two of them would stand there for a brief second or two and look at one
another, both thinking if it might be for the last time. My uncle even went so far as to salute my
father's casket at his funeral. I know now that salute went much deeper than I had thought.

nu9eve9 1/12/10 8:40PM

Just beautiful!

LeftyEd 1/13/10 1:04PM

Thank you!

TXPilot 1/13/10 3:34PM

Great video! But one line bothered me: “… rooted in unique American traditions of duty, honor,
love of country …”. What about the foreign soldiers whether they were Allies or on the Axis
side that answered their country’s call to duty? These are not “unique American traditions”
but traits of honorable men (and women). My dad served honorably in Vietnam and he was not born in
the USA - so much for American traditions. Furthermore, even though he was drafted, he served two
tours when others were anxious to go home. That’s a lot more of a contribution to that war effort
than what many recent or current American politicians can claim.

My dad has a tradition of duty, honor and love of country that he inherited from my grandfather and
uncle who heroically defended their country during WWII.

littlerocktim 1/14/10 12:09PM

Thank you for making this film. I cried all the way through it, and even now I'm tearing up. So many
Americans have NO IDEA of the sacrifice that prior generations have made to make today's America
what it is. This film should be mandatory viewing for all school children, along with other such
films, to help educate our young. I'll always salute our veterans, especially those of WW-2. Tim
Barry, USN.

Maverick-62 1/14/10 9:17PM

I just got the link for the film from a great friend and relative. Thanks DAVE!!!

What a wonderful tribute to the men who sacrificed their youth and some who ultimately gave their
lives so we all can live free from Tyranny here in America. I have a special link to the WWII
generation as I am the only son of a decorated US Army Veteran who got his first taste of war on the
bloody beaches of Normandy, codenamed "Omaha" on D-Day morning. This film brings back wonderful
memories of all the stories my dad told me about his unbelievable combat experiences while in
Europe. Many similarities of my dad and Mr. Brooks come forth in this film with those of the
greatest generation. The war was definitely won by those who were steeled at home during a very
difficult time of the great depression.

Since I was a child, I've always had a love of aviation, especially vintage WWII warbirds and the
Mustang was by far my favorite. A bunch of plastic models and even RC aviation was the closest I
could manage to the real thing. So I appreciate the efforts taken to make such a wonderful short
film. It gives us all a better understanding and appreciation of those great men who gave much for
all. God bless the few who still remain among us and I've counted it a privilage to have had one of
those great men as my Father.

Thanks Mr. Woods for your gift to us all through this film.
Mark Hollandsworth

oldsouthboy 1/15/10 6:23PM

This is a wonderful film! Moved me to tears!

My father, Dan Harrison, was a sailor on the USS Belleau Woods (aircraft carrier) during WWII. He is
now 84 years old.

I am going to but a copy of this file for my Dad. He will love it too!

Gene Harrison
Fayetteville, Ga

Bob9000 1/16/10 9:36AM

Great movie about a great flier. Unfortunately not currently available @ Amazon.

Bob9000 1/16/10 9:37AM

Great movie about a great flier. But sadly the movie is not currently available on Amazon.

ve3bdb 1/16/10 11:01PM

Amazing. Remarkable. Breathtaking. Thought provoking.

Thank you so much.

Gabriel 1/16/10 11:32PM

Excellent footage, I spent a little time in the front seat of "Section Eight"(in this video)some
years ago.
Such a wonderful airplane...

The Vulcan 1/17/10 2:47AM

This is the best film made thuis far!!! They way that there neighbor help there family come that
much closer. I wont to thank him for doing this.
My dad also served 3-4 years in the Military. He few servalance planes from Maryland to Iceland. He
also has a few stories to tell. I also did 8 years in the Navy. I was in the Gater Navy ( LCU'S )

William O. Bank 1/17/10 12:19PM

Chris Woods got it right -- a real tribute to all who went to war in the air -- not just in the
Mustang. It brought back great memories of my first flight with my brother in a Phantom.

William O. Bank

r_bhjerpe 1/17/10 8:39PM

absolutely outstanding, love the P-51

TrishV 1/18/10 11:32AM

What a WONDERFUL Video. A True Treasure. Thank you.

sloop 1/19/10 4:17AM

What a neat thing to do for your neighbour. Good on you, Mr Woods.
Mr Brooks, you gave your youth to us and we live in the free world because of your deeds. I thank,
admire and respect you, sir. I can see that your grandchildren inherited those qualities which will
ensure that your heritage will be in safe hands.
And what can you say about February? What a gorgeous aeroplane.

LtCol Casford 1/19/10 12:21PM

What an honor it is to watch this video. I was fortunate to have been able to call LtCol Kenneth A.
Walsh, WWII F4U Corsair Ace, my friend before his eventual passing. Ken received the Medal of Honor
for actions against the Japanese in the Pacific. If you can watch this film without a tear in your
eye then you're a better man than me. You gotta love these guys! LtCol Jim Casford, USMC RET.

rvstan22 1/19/10 2:00PM

This video should bring a tear to every eye that sees it. It certainly brought one to mine.

dcsozman 1/19/10 5:23PM

Thank you.

goblue1941 1/20/10 12:54PM

Great video, makes me wish I had been born 20 years earlier. The Mustang has always been one of my
favorite planes.
Thank you

Sohkraites 1/20/10 10:12PM

All I can say is WOW. Thank you!

vortilon 1/20/10 11:59PM

Bravo the best aviation film I have seen yet. A film with heart. Thanks Criss Woods and thanks to
all who served.

dirtydave1 1/21/10 2:00AM

Best I have seen.......truly a great job.

lowandslow 1/21/10 2:00AM

Loved the film, Use to go out to Edwards Air Force base in Mojave and watch Bob Hoover fly his p-51.
It was inpart his flying the P-51 that would lead me into flying. Love the look and sound of the
ship. One of my bucket list wishes is to do the Mustang Experience. Cudos to all that made this film
and the Brooke family.
footnote : my neighbor across the street in Costa Mesa was one of the last 2 surviving WW1 biplane
fighters. I believe he was an Ace. His name was Mr. Cleasby. Would like to hear any info on him if
out there.
Happy Flying
Ray Schureman

arcetti 1/23/10 5:09PM

Words do not do this fabulous movie justice, nor do words convey the gratitude felt for that truly
Greatest Generation. Thank you.

Adam14 1/23/10 6:42PM

This is a great film. Moving !
I was interrupted and missed the last 5 minutes but returned and watched the whole movie again.

The folks and families that contributed are to be congratulated.

Woodysfriend 1/24/10 9:33AM

My friend Brian, in Nottinghamshire, gave me the link to this video, thank you Brian, I watched the
video, tears rolling, it was a pleasure to see all that have served to make Europe a safer place in
WW2, I wish to thank them all, side by side with our Royal Air Force, all heros, yet they say 'doing
their duty' it humbles all. The video shows the effort and reward in family and friends, the
treasures of the world.

hasanchez 1/26/10 10:40AM

Dear Chris, Great video. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. As a proud member of the
American Legion, it is with great pride and admiration when I shake the hands of our fellow vets
(especially our WWII vets). Your film did nothing more than to add to that admiration of these
great Americans.

With great appreciation,

and For God and Country,

Henry Sanchez
First Sergeant, US Army (Retired)

youngwd40 1/26/10 5:26PM

A P-51 Mustang sat as a monument at the entrance of the Charleston WV Airport (Yeager Airport) for
years. I always marveled at that plane and how it contributed to the history of liberty and flight.
Long live the war birds of yesteryear. I appreciate and thank those brave pilots of yesterday and
today those who contribute to keeping them flying and a celebration in history. Great video.

C-31 1/29/10 12:39PM

The admiration for this generation who was raised on solid traditional family values that made them
aspire to be honorable, to do what needed to be done, to understand the risk they took was to
protect their family and by doing so country as well so that all of us could live as free Americans
is difficult for me to put into words. Their loyalty and trustworthyness seems to be a thing the
present generation is lacking. It would be good if everyone could view this marvelous video and come
away with an understanding of what it means to be an American. Well done.

tpettus 1/29/10 4:28PM

Very, very well made. Makes me wish he was my father or grandfather. Mr. Brooks and all the men who
flew on these missions were the greatest airmen ever. My hats off to them. Thanks for such a great

franklinstone1 1/29/10 9:47PM

This video was very enjoyable. I was a 5 year old boy to see the Cadallic of the skies fly over
Shanghai China in 1945. The city was occupied by the Japanese forces when the B25 and P 51 came over
and took charge. Just like in the movie "Empire in the Sun" the story depicts a young boy, seperated
by external forces and what did you see in this great movie was Me and The P 51 Mustang flying over
head. I really Enjoyed this video of the Gray Eagles. Thanks for sharing this with all of us who
remember the Merlin Engines humming over head. Thanks so much AL

JeffCravens 1/31/10 12:13PM

There is a line in the film... they don't make men like Jim Brooks anymore. I guess that's true,
because circumstances are not what they were then. But, as long as their stories are told and
remembered, I believe men like Jim Brooks will be made as the need arises... the value of that
capacity cannot be estimated. Consequently, the value of their stories cannot be estimated.

Jeff Cravens
Knoxville, Tennessee

rp5552 2/01/10 8:39PM


Lloyd Walker 2/03/10 5:01PM

I'm about to do a documentary myself on my Father in Laws story from WWII and this story is very
inspiring and beautifully shot and produced. i know the challenges and costs of such a great work
and my hat is off to you Chris Woods! Maybe I can send you mine when I'm done .....

A great story makes for an easy production and this is a great story.

Keep up the story that will always enchant us!


Lloyd Walker

Szuquim 2/03/10 9:39PM

Chris, congratulations for this great peace of work! An emotional film and an amazing tribute to a
great machine and to our phenomenal warriors of World War II. My salute to the Brook's family,
specially Jim.

Best regards! Sergio

medwards109 2/06/10 11:14AM

Fantastic video! It brings tears to my eyes of stories my Dad would tell. He was on a B24 and passed
away November 2009.

FlyGirl57 2/07/10 1:02AM

Hi my name is Debbie Heavener and my brother sent me this video in rememberence of my fiancee' who
died in a small airplane crash on Jan. 15, 2010 in Mississippi. We loved to fly, work on airplanes
together and go to airshows. We truely did admire the P-51 Mustang, I love them more than he
did......but he did like them in his own way. My fiancee' loved to fly, he was a great mechanic on
airplanes,he loved to refurbish them and he had down this for 25 yrs. of more. He spoke of th P-51
Mustang highly. We are going to have a fly in here at our house in the back of White Cypress Lakes
subdivision, it is the Mint Julep Airpark close to the Stennis airport, in Mississippi to give my
fiancee' a great tribute....a lot of pilots flyig in with their planes, telling stories, and
food........but it will be a great honor to have a P-51 Mustang here at our fly in..........I would
be honored and I feel that he would be looking down on us that day.......and his ashes will be
spread out onto the runway that day.....if interested you can contact me at you for making such a beautiful inspirational video for his
grandchildren to treasure for years to come.........Thank You.....

franbarb 2/07/10 3:08PM

I did not have a chance to fly in the P-51 but I was a mechanic that keep them in the air. I did
get my chance for something similar. The F-82 doing the Korea conflict. Had many hours in that
plane as radar operator. that was the next best thing.
keep'm flying

call-the-ball 2/07/10 4:57PM

Glory with wings.....The Best of the Best!

call-the-ball 2/07/10 4:59PM

Glory with wings...... a story well told!

IanLaw 2/08/10 7:29AM

Congratulations to Jim Brooks, his family and the makers of and participants in this excellent

Has Jim written his autobiography yet?


videoguyken 2/09/10 11:01AM

Chris, this film and this story brought tears to my eyes. I too am a film maker and you did an
EXCELLENT job telling these two stories. I am SO happy Mr. Brooks was able to re-acquaint himself
with the one he spent so much time with in those days long gone. GREAT JOB and THANKS Mr. Brooks
for protecting us. Chris, GREAT job bringing back this story and keeping out in front for other like
myself to see what really happened.

Ken Smithers
Picture This Video, Inc.
Kansas City Missouri

jlburdge 2/09/10 8:38PM

A short look thru a long ago window in time. To now know and appreciate a few of the ones who lived
it, worked it, and to remember the many who died doing it, makes me very thankful for my life and
the America I love. What country in this world could not thank the ones who fought and died to give
them a chance to choose their own way of life ? I just don't understand. cracker